Monday, 9 July 2012

The Amazing Spiderman

The Amazing Spiderman

A review warm up joke:

‘Someone told me I was a terrible movie reviewer, so from now on I’m only going to review good movies’

This is a good movie, I watched it in 3d and thought the effects were great, at one point it appeared as if two women holding popcorn walked right past where I was sitting. It was the usual Spiderman vibe, boy bitten by spider and then discovers he can do things spiders do, like climb walls and be excellent at martial arts.

The main difference with this movie compared to the previous ones is the nemesis. This film sees Spiderman battling it out with Dr. Curt Connors who becomes a lizard thing.  The Dr only has one arm and has dedicated his life's scientific studies to develop a way to re-grow lost limbs. His work focuses on the genetics of the lizard - as they have this capability. He develops a formula in which he grows his arm back but by doing this he also turns into quite an angry lizard thing.  He attempts to infect the whole city with the formula without their knowledge but Spiderman has other ideas.

I think the doctor chose to do this because it would be quite a hard sell to the NHS.

NHS sales team member: ‘So why have you called me in to meet you today’

Dr Curt Connors: ‘I have good news!! I have discovered  a way to re-grow lost limbs’

NHS: ‘that’s amazing, brilliant; this is going to change so many people’s lives’

Dr: ‘the formula does have a slight side effect, but you probably don’t want  hear about all of this scientific mumbo jumbo’

NHS: ‘No that’s fine whats is it? Headache? Rash?’

Dr: *cough* ‘turn into a lizard’

NHS: ‘sorry for a second then I thought you said they would turn into a lizard’

Dr: ‘yep’

Imagine if they did take it on, the Paralympics would be a completely different event. They would have to have a separate reptile Olympics which would be sponsored by Gatorade*

Overall a thoroughly entertaining movie, I give it 8 Marks (immons) out of 10.

*I felt bad after my last review as the American readers would not understand the Emmerdale* reference I made, so for this one I built the entire review around a pun of a reference they would understand. You’re welcome J


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