Monday, 23 July 2012

Friends with kids

Friends with kids

A little joke to warm up for the review:

‘my mate and his wife asked me to be godfather to their twins, I said yes and since then I’ve just wanted to wrap them up in cotton wool, because if anything were to happen to them i’d have to look after the kids’

What better way to top a day of drinking down the pub, than going to watch a movie. The trouble with this is, drunken decision making isn't my strong point. With the other movies showing, being the likes of ‘seeking a friend for the end of the world’, ‘ice age 4’ and ‘Batman- the dark knight rises’, I chose to see ‘Friends with kids’. 

 The movie starts with friends Jason and Julie noticing how having children has ruined their other mate’s relationships.  So they come up with the plan to have a baby together thus preventing the baby problems happening in any relationship each of them have. I actually once had the exact same idea but Steve wasn’t up for it.

Maybe due to my level of intoxication, I grew bored of the storyline and had no problem leaving the screen to go to the toilet and buy some popcorn, although turns out they dont sell it there so I got some in the foyer.  I then stumbled back into the screening. 

In the short time I was away from the movie there had been a major twist in the plot.  There is now a comet heading to earth meaning everyone on earth now only have two weeks to live. The two main characters now spend this time looking for the people most important to them, to spend those last moments. From this point on, there is no more talk of having kids. I think this is very powerful and clearly the film makers are showing how, when a catastrophic event occurs, normal everyday priorities will change.

This film has a poor start but does pick up around the middle and has a meaningful end. I give the movie 5 marks(immons) out of 10

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