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Lawless Poster

A little joke to warm up the review:

 ‘If you really really like Bruce Willis and follow everything he is involved in does that make you a diehard fan?’             

Lawless is set towards the end of the prohibition era (Banned alcohol) and is the story of three brothers running a bootlegging business who are violently challenged by the new enforcement officer Charlie Rakes (Guy Pearce). The elder brother Forrest (Tom Hardy ) is the muscle of the operation and younger brother Jack (Shia LaBeouf) is keen to prove himself worthy of a more prominent role in the family business. Jack may not be as strong as his brothers but he has a lot of spirit which is very valuable as it was hard to get hold of alcohol during this time. 

If alcohol was banned today it would make many people very unhappy and would probably cause riots. I was wondering what the reaction was like when they announced the beginning of the prohibition in America in 1920 and whether the authorities announcing it to the crowd got any boos.

This is a very violent movie with throat cutting, shootings, stabbings and torture. I asked my friend how Charlie Rakes tortures the Bondurant brothers cousin, he said he pours a boiling hot black liquid on him, I said Ta, he said yeah that’s it.

There is a scene where Forrest castrates a man who works for Charlie Rakes and then gives him the testicles as a means to intimidate.  I was going to write a detailed section about this as I wondered what the best technique is to perform this operation but I decided to cut it.

This is an excellent movie. I give it 8 Marks(immons) out of 10

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