Thursday, 30 August 2012

Total Recall

Total Recall

A little joke to warm up for the review:

‘I was asked if I could think of any films where the best bits were in the trailer, the only one I could think of was 8 mile when his mums having sex in one’

This movie is action packed, full of futuristic gun fights and chase scenes with plot twists and turns galore to keep you on your toes.

We join the movie in a post-apocalyptic world where only two areas of earth can be inhabited, one where Britain is and one where Australia is. The way people move from area to area is by a massive lift that takes them through the centre of the earth, when I saw this I thought ‘cor!!!’

This is a very watchable film but it’s a shame how easy it is to draw similarities to other movies – there is a flying car chase scene similar to that in ‘5th Element’, robots similar to that of ‘I-robot’, fight scenes like in Bourne Identity, and a blatant plot rip off of a 90’s Arnold Schwarzenegger film which I can’t recall the name of.

There is even a scene with a three breasted woman like in the Arnie film. It shows that having 3 breasts is attractive, giving the impression that the more the merrier, but where do you draw the line, I mean are there men out there looking at cows thinking ‘phwoar, I like those, they’d look good on my wife’.

 If women were to have multi-boobs they couldn’t have them all on their chest for the pure weight of them, so if they were going to have more, maybe they could have them in more practical positions like on the back of their heads to save on pillow expenses, on the bottom of their feet to give the constant sensation of walking on a bouncy castle or on their face to so men can stare at them while talking and maintaining eye contact.

I give this movie 7 Marks(immons) out of 10

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