Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Warm Bodies

Warm Bodies

A little joke to warm up the review: 

‘I told my friend I’m off work with flu, he said have you got a fever, I said no but I prefer Pro Evo anyway’

In a post apocalyptic zombie infested world, this is a love story told from the point of view of one of the Zombies.

In this movie, eating the brain of the dead causes you to see their life’s memory. Some cultures have been eating animal brains in restaurants for years but this is why you rarely see elephant brain on the menu - it would take too long.
After eating her boyfriend’s brain, R falls in love with Julie and drags her deep into zombie territory. Soon she reciprocates his feelings and is then put in prison for Necrophilia. This is how the story should have gone but director Jonathan Levine tries to glam up sex with dead people and I’m worried about the effect this will have on the teenagers this movie is aimed at. What kind of world is this going to create, where dawn of the dead is seen as a classic porno and digging is a foreplay technique.

I urge you not to see this movie for the sake of humanity

I give this movie 2 marks(immons) out of 10

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