Tuesday, 2 April 2013



A little joke to warm up the review: 

‘I went to the use my Cineworld Unlimited card to see new movie 'Identity theft' but according to the computer I’d already been in to see it'

Trance is the latest movie from Danny Boyle.  I, like everyone, think he did a great job with the Olympics and like most others I thought it would be a disaster but I’m getting sick and tired of Mr Boyle rubbing it in our faces about how brilliantly he did. He’s been doing it on chat shows, award ceremonies, adverts and now in his latest movie release. The script is clearly written to remind us about the Olympic.  This will become clear in my basic plot description.

This film begins with a gang of crooks stealing a very valuable OLYMpicture from an auction because its worth a lot of OPENING CEREmoney. One of the criminals (Simon) takes a whack on the head during the theft causing amnesia, the painting then goes missing when in his possession so they then turn to a hypnotist (Elizabeth) to help him remember what happened to it.  QUEEN elizabeth WHO JUMPED OUT OF THE HELICOPTER then starts MEDALLING in their affairs causing a rift to come between them. 

He seriously needs to stop going on about it. 

I read that he put in a lot of research about hypnosis and learnt how to put people in a trance and make them do what he wants, that aside, my verdict on this film is that its a load of sh.................................... the best film I have ever seen made to perfection I urge you all to go and see it!! I give this movie 10 marks(immons) out of 10

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