Wednesday, 23 April 2014

The Amazing Spider-man 2

The Amazing Spider-man 2


A little joke to warm up the review:

‘My mate asked how the 100m race works, I said it’s quite straight forward’

This is the second instalment of this franchise and who better to direct Spider-man 2 than the aptly name Mark Webb, because the movie really leaves its MARK on you.

Andrew Garfield returns as Peter Parker and really nails his performance, which should be expected as it’s the Social network and the Amazing Spider-man actors 3rd movie where he spends most of his time on the web.

Emma Stone (Gwen) is also back as Garfield’s love interest but he is unsure whether they should continue seeing each other. She proves valuable to have around tho, when her scientific knowledge helps him to amend his web shooters using magnets to defer the power current so it works against his enemy. There has been a lot said in other reviews about their on screen chemistry but I’d say that in this case it was more electrophysics.

Jamie Foxx's character Max Dillon is an electrical engineer at Oscorp and becomes Electro after slipping and falling into a tank of electric eels whilst at work. He then phoned the National accident helpline, received compensation and no more was said about it.

Midway through the film Gwen tells Peter she wants to move to London and he says he would go with her. This movie wouldn’t work if it was set in London, mainly due to there not being enough high rise buildings and also the eels. Jamie Foxx’s character wouldn’t be anywhere near as intimidating made out of jelly.

 I give this movie 7 Marks(immons) out of 10



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