Tuesday, 22 April 2014



A little joke to warm up the review:

‘I walked past a restaurant and outside there was a sign saying ‘the ribs are back’, and I thought yeah but they are mostly front’

This movie is entirely set in the Tom Hardy’s  characters car travelling down the M6 following his built-in sat nav while speaking to people on the phone attempting to sort out some big problems.
Problem 1- 7 months previous he had a one night stand, he is on the way to the birth of his love child and he has to tell his wife.
Problem 2- He has left work the day before the most important event in a huge multi million pound project and has to instruct a drunk Irishman how to deal with it in his absence.
I think I enjoyed this movie because I can really relate to the story as I have just got a new car with a built-in sat nav.

The script is very well written and has some brilliant subtle comedy. I give it 9 Marks(immons) out of 10

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