Tuesday, 28 October 2014



A little joke to warm up the review: 

‘My uncle used to fix water tanks or as he called them ‘submarines’’

I was disappointed in this movie as I was told it contained Brad Pitt’s massive guns but for most of the movie he was wearing a long sleeve shirt.

The main characters are fighting in an M4 tank but I don’t think it’s fast enough to go on the motorway, although it does explain the queues into Bristol.

Also, I thought the tank would be full of confiscated phones after I heard it described as a mobile prison.

Although the film focuses on the hell of war and the way it affects the soldiers it does have a nice moment,  showing the humanity behind the main characters when  they spend an afternoon with two German women just after they take over a small town. One German lady has a weird way of taking her hot drinks, most people like sugar to make it sweet but when she was asked if she wanted tea she said bitte.

At one point the camera focused on a dog tag but I’d like to have seen a cat hide and seek.

I give this movie 6 Marks(immons) out of 10.

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