Wednesday, 19 November 2014



A little joke to warm up the review:

‘when I was a kid I always wanted to be a high jumper but my mum said I needed something to fall back on’

I thought interstellar was going to be about an alcoholic Italian football team.

Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) is a widowed father of two. He is a farmer who is also an astronaut and would therefore be the most qualified to operate a tractor beam. 

He goes on an exploration into space to find a new planet as the earth is withering and covered in dust, surely the humans should just PLEDGE together.

Gravity is mentioned throughout the film which I think is a bad idea because comparisons will no doubt be made as they are such similar movies.

Cooper travels into space with Brand (Anne Hathaway), when discussing the different options to save humanity,  she says she likes plan B whereas he doesn’t, surely this isn’t a good time to discuss tastes in music.

Someone told me this was a 5 star movie but I counted a lot more than that.

Although there are many worm holes and by worm I mean plot, I still thoroughly enjoyed watching it and I give this movie 9 marks(immons) out of 10.

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  1. Not a perfect movie, but as with nearly all of Nolan's movies, it's worth a watch. Good review Mark.