Sunday, 12 July 2015



A little joke to warm up the review:

'My favourite cow rapper is day-z'

This movie is set before the Despicable Me films and begins by showing the history of the Minions.

First they worked for a dinosaur and would travel around on his back. It must have been very motivating regularly being given a raise.
I'm not sure how the T-Rex paid them, probably in small hand outs.

The Minions were then employed by a vampire. I'm not sure what use they were to him, maybe he just wanted someone to hang with.

They even worked for an ancient Egyptian ruler. I once saw a Pharaoh hit his car horn and show his bum out of the window, Toot and car moon.

Then it's straight into the action of the main plot line, set in the 1960s, where 3 minions go on a mission to find the most despicable criminal in the world leading them to the movie's villain. Some people have praised Sandra Bullock's character, Scarlet Overkill,  but I thought it was a bit too much.

I give this movie 6 marks(immons) out of 10.

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