Thursday, 30 June 2016



This movie is about a boy that loses faith in Christmas and accidentally summons Krampus.

 Krampus is a demon version of Father Christmas, Father Christmas is sometimes known as Saint Nick, so you might say Krampus is Demonic.

Like Father Christmas he drives a sleigh but unlike him he has horns, which means that other sleigh users can hear him coming.

He starts killing the boy's family one by one with the help of his evil toys. There's a ginger bread man,  a jack in the box and killer elves, these were really scary which makes sense as elves have always been quite eary.

In the end they wake up and think it's all been a dream but then discover that they are trapped in a snow globe, as you can imagine they were shaken up.

I give this movie 5 marks (immons) out of 10

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