Wednesday, 15 May 2013

21 & over

21 & Over

A little joke to warm up the review,
‘In this movie Jeff is standing on a car, two policeman pull up and ask him to ‘get down’ to which Jeff misinterprets the instruction and starts dancing , which is also technically getting down, good job they didn’t ask him to get off’

This movie is made by the creators of ‘The Hangover’, and is brilliantly designed so that the audience can play my new game ‘Name the film bingo’. All you have to do is spot similarities from other films and tick them off your bingo sheet, if you get 5 in a row, you win.
I shall be writing this review from within the cinema as I will be playing along.
So the movie is about Jeff Chang, a young Asian man being taken out drinking, getting totally trashed, lost, and then remainder of the film is the quest to try and find him without his strict father finding out, which is just like the plot of ‘The Hangover 2’ YES GOT ONE!!!
There has been a scene where two guys make a couple of girls kiss and fondle each other, the girls have just got their own back by making the guys do the same, like they do in ‘American pie 2’ YES!! That’s two.
The character Miller, played by Miles Teller, has been doing an impression of Vince Vaughn’s acting in ‘Old School’ throughout the whole movie. That’s three I’m feeling confident.
It’s coming towards the end of the movie, two high school friends have fallen out due to a conflict in the different colleges they are going to and they have just made friends again, just like in ‘Superbad’. That’s four but not long left.
Damn…..very close to the end…. Come on ‘Juno’ show your face… so close…… end credits…. YES they have end credits in ‘Juno’ ….BINGO!!!

I give this movie 6 Marks (immons) out of 10

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