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A little joke to warm up the review:
‘There is a new movie coming out called the Lumberjack, its directed by Tiiiiiiimburrrrrrrrrton.’

I really enjoyed this movie but for some reason my memory of it is really bad. Afterward I was talking to my friend, I said, ‘I was late getting to the film, it was called errrrr...’ he said ‘Rush’, I said ‘yeah it was but I’m trying to think of the name of the film.

I said ‘the movie was about the rivalry in the 70’s between Formula 1 drivers James Hunt and Niki ...errr...’ he said ‘Lauda’, I said ‘THE MOVIE WAS ABOUT THE RIVALRY IN THE 70’S BETWEEN THE FORMULA 1 FRIVERS JAMES HUNT AND NIKI ...ERRRR....’

I then tried telling my girlfriend about the movie, I told her the actor playing James Hunt was Chris Hemsworth, but I couldn’t remember what other movie he’d been in, so I showed her a picture of him. She said ‘Thor’, I said, ‘yeah he’s hot but what movie has he been in.

The movie is brilliantly acted, is excellently written and is only let down by some minor mistakes in details of the true events. For example there is a particularly disturbing scene following Niki Lauda’s terrible accident where he received severe burns and smoke inhalation. The scene in question shows a male doctor vacuuming Niki’s lungs, which is obviously inaccurate as in the 1970’s a man would not know how to operate a vacuum.

I give this movie 9 marks(immons) out of 10

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